Market Overview

Before you consider how to price your home, you need to know how the market is behaving.  Your CB Maritime agent will give you an in-depth overview of current statistics so you can anticipate how to price your home for success.  

Increasing markets: The opportunity to price higher in anticipation of rising prices.  Sell for more tomorrow, than you might today. 

Balanced markets: The confidence to list at the most probable market value, based on existing conditions and stability. 

Declining markets: The opportunity to price more aggressively to get ahead of a downward trend.  Sell for more today, than you might tomorrow.


Pricing a home is the most important aspect of any sale.  It is important to remember you can still overprice a house in a hot market. If your home is overpriced, no amount of marketing will result in a sale.  Your listing will become stagnant and you’ll likely end up selling for less than if you price it correctly to begin with. 

Your CB Maritime agent makes sure this does not happen. 

Our in depth market evaluations consist of active listings and homes that have recently sold in your area. The evaluation takes market trends into consideration so that you maximize your property value in current conditions.  A home that is priced correctly will sell for more, in less time. 

Points to consider:

  • Active competition

  • Recent sales

  • Market trajectory

Learn more about the market and your home value with a complimentary market evaluation. 

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