Proper preparation at the direction of your CB Maritime agent is absolutely critical. The steps you take prior to listing your home for sale have a profound effect on the outcome.  Much of what you and your CB Maritime agent work on will be preparation.  This is because the more work you do before listing, the quicker you’ll sell your house.  You’ll also obtain the maximum value for your property when the listing is fresh and new. 

General Contractors

Cosmetic repairs or high return renovations are extremely impactful on your property value.  Taking the time to address visual imperfections that cause unnecessary questions or tacking items which are guaranteed to cause concern in an inspection are key ways to sell your home for the most amount of money. 

You might consider items like:

  • Painting

  • Countertop replacement

  • Plumbing fixture upgrades

  • Light fixture upgrades

  • Cosmetic flair like a backsplash

Lean on CB Maritime Concierge to help you locate the contractors you need for repairs and improvements to maximize your return. 


You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Curb appeal is extremely important when a buyer is seeing your property for the first time.  A well kept exterior is the first indication of how an owner has maintained their entire property.  A positive experience outside will lend to a positive experience once a buyer gets inside. 

You might consider items like:

  • Driveway and exterior pressure wash

  • Prune trees and bushes

  • Manicure lawn and flowerbeds

  • Paths and sidewalks free of snow or debris

Lean on CB Maritime Concierge to help you locate the landscapers you need to create the best first impression. 



Some Sellers choose to have their home pre-inspected prior to going to market.  This is an opportunity to identify any issues which could be problematic for a buyer when they do their own inspection.  You may look at it as uncovering potential problems, but it is often a good idea to tackle issues head on, rather than dealing with them later. 

Reasons you might do a pre-list home inspection:

  • A clean bill of health becomes marketing material

  • Dealing with problems at the beginning stops you from dealing with them later when you have other things to worry about like a move to your new house. 

  • You will likely sell for a higher price when a buyer has lots of confidence in the house they are purchasing. 

Lean on CB Maritime Concierge to help you locate reputable inspectors to tackle any deficiencies now, so you don’t have to deal with them later. 

Fixtures and chattels

A fixture or a chattel is anything that might be included in the purchase contract that are not attached to the property.  Sellers are best to remove any chattels they wish to take with them before they go to market.  If necessary, replacing the fixture or chattel with something of similar quality is recommended in such circumstances. 

Items you might consider removing or replacing could be:

  • Curtains

  • Sentimental pieces like a child’s light fixture or height chart on a door

  • Hot tubs

  • Movable bar stations

  • Floating Shelves

  • Mirrors

  • Work benches

Remove items you are particularly attached to before you list so the buyer doesn’t know what they are missing out on. 



Included in your service fee is a comprehensive staging package. CB Maritime’s professional stager will provide you with an initial consultation on what to focus on.  These could be items like decluttering or painting. Once you’ve completed the process of preparation, the CB Maritime stager will come in with whatever furniture and accessories are needed to make your house look like something out of a magazine.

The staging service includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Furniture rental and installation

  • Accessory installation

  • Removal of all items upon a firm sale

Your CB Maritime Stager will turn your home into a showhome that’s worthy of a magazine. The result is a faster sale at a higher price as you further distinguish yourself from the competition.    

Storage and Junk Removal

You might be wondering what to do with items you are decluttering.  If you don’t have space in a garage or shed, that might mean getting rid of things you don’t need or storing things you intend to take with you.  CB Maritime has you covered and has negotiated a discounted rate with two select providers:

Your junk and storage solutions:

  • Junk Works Halifax

  • PODS Moving and Storage

Lean on CB Maritime Concierge to help you book junk removal, or moving and storage with one of our preferred partners. 



One of the final stages before listing your home for sale is one last clean to make sure everything sparkles. Cleaning also happens to be one of the last things you do before you move.  After everything else you’ve got to tackle during your home sale, leave the cleaning for CB Maritime to arrange.  

Reasons to have a pre-list and a pre-close clean:

  • Buyers associate a clean house with a well cared for house. 

  • It alleviates any problems on closing day so that you receive your funds as quickly as possible.  

These cleaning services are included in your service fee.  Lean on CB Maritime Concierge to arrange the cleaners on a date that works for you.


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