Rediscovering History: The Church Of Holy Redeemer In Halifax, Now The Marley

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Present

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, history and modernity coexist. At 2128 Brunswick Street, there remains a testament to the city's past. The Church of Holy Redeemer, a two-storey stucco condominium building, embodies the heritage and resilience of this vibrant community. Nestled on Brunswick Street near downtown Halifax, this iconic structure has witnessed many events that add to its historic significance.

A Glimpse into the Past

Architects John A. Mitchell and Edward Elliot, the creative minds behind the building's design in 1874, left a noticeable mark on Halifax's architectural landscape. Elliot, in particular, went on to craft other iconic structures, including Halifax City Hall and Point Pleasant Park gates.

The West family, prominent figures in Halifax's business and religious circles, played a pivotal role in the church's founding and construction. Their generous contributions paved the way for the church's existence, and their influence extended beyond the spiritual realm to include a significant part of the city's shipping industry.

Rising and Falling

In its heyday from the 1850s to the 1870s, the Church of Holy Redeemer thrived as a central hub of community activities. However, the church faced financial challenges during the 1880s as Brunswick Street experienced a period of decline. The devastating Halifax Explosion of 1917 dealt a severe blow to the church, damaging the building and demolishing its spire. Although the community rallied together with private donations and support from the Halifax Relief Commission to fund repairs, the neighborhood surrounding the church began a steady decline.

By 1941, the church's congregation had dwindled to a mere 35 members. Eventually, in 1949, it was sold to a real estate company for a sum slightly higher than its initial construction cost. The Church of Holy Redeemer found new purpose under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax, serving as a social center for St. Patrick's Church for the next three decades.

Adaptive Re-Use and Preservation

In 1984, the building embarked on a new chapter of its storied history when it was transformed into 17 condominiums, aptly named "The Marley" in honor of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, who had passed away during the planning phase of the renovation. This redevelopment project successfully retained the building's ecclesiastical appearance and parapet gables, a nod to its rich heritage.

Today, the Church of Holy Redeemer stands as a shining example of adaptive re-use, celebrating the marriage of history and modern living. Its exterior still proudly boasts elements of the Gothic-Revival style, including the steeply pitched cross-gable roof and circular towers on the rear of the building. Romanesque details, such as the front porch arcade and round-headed windows, further adds to its historical charm.

Halifax Heritage

As we stroll through the streets of Halifax, the Marley stands as a living testament to the city's resilience, adaptation, and celebration of its rich history. It reminds us that preserving the past is possible, even if we adapt it to fit the modern conveniences we demand today.

Unit 14 at The Marley  

Welcome to your slice of history, a loft-style apartment bursting with original character and charming features. With vaulted ceilings, wooden arches, and abundant natural light, this condominium offers a unique blend of character blended with modern convenience.   The main floor features a bright living area and an open concept.  The functional kitchen sits next to the charming dining nook while upstairs, you’ll find a lovely bedroom with a full ensuite bath.

The Marley sits in a perfect location, a short 10 minute walk to downtown Halifax where you can enjoy world-class dining and the excitement of the city.  Venture a short distance more and you’ll find yourself on the famous Halifax waterfront as you enjoy a morning walk or a delicious coffee. Take advantage of this opportunity to own an enduring piece of history in the heart of Halifax.



14-2128 Brunswick Street

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