What the hell was that and can you please make it stop?

2021 was breathless from the outset. It seemed that overnight, people’s patience snapped and an overwhelming urgency took hold.  Competition exploded and the lid flew off offer prices like a cat flies off a cucumber. While the penny dropped quickly, it was a problem that had been building for months. For some shocking perspective, look at the number of homes for sale in the Halifax Regional Municipality over the past four years:

  •        December 2018 | 2,055
  •        December 2019 | 1,298
  •        December 2020 | 626
  •        December 2021 | 214

This represents an inventory decrease on a scale larger than a blue whale. That’s big. What’s more, the number of sales has…

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Buying a House By Accident | A Thing of the Past in Nova Scotia

Up to this point, you could accidentally buy a house in Nova Scotia if you forgot to tell the Seller otherwise.  That’s because your Buyers conditions (like financing or home inspection) would self-waive.  Meaning, if you failed to inform the Seller you were not comfortable “firming up” by the condition date, you would be legally obligated to purchase the property.  The old system also made it very scary for a Buyer to submit a written request for items like a repair that resulted from findings from the home inspection.  While the Seller did not have to sign or accept the request, they were also at liberty to “interpret the request as notice of dissatisfaction” which would then permit them…

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Happy Holidays!  It’s December and we are getting into the festive spirit down at HaliPad.  We’ve decorated our windows for the annual North by Night display and the Christmas tunes are filling the air.  We’re still working hard while we’re having fun, although sales have dropped by more than 31% from this time last year.  This is because inventory is down by almost 60%, now pushing the average price above $500,000 for the first time.

We’re also in our final month of #LiveLoveLocal where we get to feature the Fireworks Gallery – Halfax’s choice custom goldsmith, repair shop and source for beautiful designer jewellery.  We’ll be giving away $1000 to the Fireworks Gallery before Christmas, courtesy of HaliPad Real Estate Inc.

We wish you a safe and…

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