I truly love this area of Nova Scotia. I call it "The Gateway to the South Shore" A gateway to maritime heritage and the roadway to coastal living. But there is more than just seaside shanties and lobster fishermen in this beautiful little spot. The Aspotogan Peninsula, is home to some world class cycling, ocean faring adventure, hiking trails, unrivalled beaches and locally sourced, culinary delights. It is also, my home.

I moved to the Hubbards area permanently with my family in the spring of 2022. It was a dream for my family and I to make this move at some point. Before then, we had been spending our summers on Fox Point Lake since we arrived back home in 2012. It is also where my partner spent her childhood summers. She used…

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Wonderful on wanda

Hi there! Pull up a chair and let me paint a picture of a cozy slice of heaven nestled in the heart of Woodlawn. Welcome to 3 Wanda Lane, where tranquility meets comfort in a way that'll make you want to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

That stream, though!

Picture this: a charming bungalow standing proud on a serene street, boasting a pie-shaped lot that's just begging for lazy afternoons and backyard barbecues. Yep, that's what you'll find here. Imagine starting each morning with a hot cup of coffee on your fantastic deck, listening to the gentle babble of a nearby stream. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, that dream can be your reality at 3 Wanda Lane.

Let's go inside

But enough about the yard—let's step…

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2023 Real Estate Market - Was it bad, or was it just bad for Realtors?

Written by Chris Perkins, Broker/Owner - Coldwell Banker Maritime Realty.

I’m sure when you spoke to your real estate friends this year, most of them complained about how slow the market was. However, while it posed problems for us in the industry, it was a better market (in the Halifax area at least) than you might expect. 

To explain what I mean, we need to look at the years gone by:

Admittedly, sales were the lowest they’ve been since at least 2010 which is as far as I can go back in time. Sales volume like this would generally be catastrophic for prices were it not for the dramatic drop in inventory (you'll note the sale to new listing ratio is higher in 2023 than…

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 53 Pine Grove Drive

I know the current Halifax Real Estate market can seem grueling and a bit daunting, especially for first-time home buyers. The reality is that it is hard to break into this market and start your joyous journey of homeownership. The tricky budget area we are talking about is between $300,000 and $500,000. This is where roughly 50% of the home buyers are currently looking.

Being highly competitive, this segment of the market is still seeing multiple offer situations in many cases along with frustrated buyers. It means the home they were looking for potentially could sell for out of their budget, or for more than they were willing to pay. They might see a home that is in their budget but can’t justify spending an “x” amount on…

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Mortgage Renewals - How to deal with high interest rates

I’m not sure about you, but to me everything at the moment seems unreasonably expensive. The deodorant I like was on “sale” for $6.50 and I started to wonder if I’d really smell that bad without it. The other thing that stinks at the moment is the cost of borrowing money.  In twelve short months, the bank of Canada has raised interest rates from 4.79% to 7.09%.  While these aren’t the highest rates in history, the pain being felt is because of how low they’ve been in recent memory.  

The sticker shock of today’s rate environment has a lot of people dreading mortgage renewal time. We spoke to a mortgage specialist recently.  People walking into his office are terrified of making ends meet when…

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A First Time Home Buyer Success Story!

Being a first-time home buyer these days is not always an easy task. As most are aware we have had price increases accompanied with rising interest rates. Despite these challenges, I recently helped an amazing family buy their first home together. I was so thrilled and full to the brim of happiness for them all!

The Appleby’s were referred to me from another Appleby that I had the privilege to help buy her first home a few years back. I was happy to get to see the whole family again and meet new family members as well. The Appleby’s knew where they wanted to be to raise their family. They wanted a neighbourhood where they could set roots and be part of a community. I was thrilled when I learned they wanted to…

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11 Glencairn Lane | A Brian MacKay-Lyons Masterpiece

As a Realtor, I see a lot of homes.  I see small homes, big homes, new homes and old homes.  I get to see luxury condos, heritage conversions and waterfront cottages. For all the homes I see, there are only a handful of occasions where I find myself saying, “Wow!"

The Kutcher House at 11 Glencairn Lane provides exactly that reaction.  I’m not even creating hyperbole here.  From the moment I drove up the private lane to see it for the first time, I was legitimately excited to get inside.  It has a special air about it.  An imposing presence from the first moment you lay eyes on it.  As I stepped through the steel gates to the courtyard, I found a structure hovering over a massive boulder. When…

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It’s no secret that in the past several years, people have been flocking to Nova Scotia from across Canada.  Although that has slowed down in recent months, it’s still nice to tell a story about a couple who’ve moved home to Nova Scotia!

Here was a scenario where all of a sudden, my clients were provided with a job offer to move home.  The clock was quickly ticking and we were tasked with finding a home within the period of a dedicated house hunting trip.  Katy came alone, while Junior remained at home - the trust!  

We had a wide search radius from Clayton Park to Sackville to Colby Village. Wanting to stay within a certain budget, we spread our search out to find some areas that were suitable, with an eye for a home that didn’t need a…

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Searching for your dream home is an exciting and complex journey, especially in the competitive Real Estate market in Halifax as of the last 3 years. Fortunately, there's an expert who has consistently gone above and beyond to help her clients navigate through all the processes related to their unique Real Estate needs: Koree Burt.

Koree's commitment to her clients is highlighted from the moment she meets them. Her dedication, expertise, and genuine passion for helping clients is clearly shown from the moment she makes contact. She understands that buying a home is not just a transaction but a significant life milestone, and if you ask her past clients they’ll tell you she treats it as such!

"Koree has been my realtor for years.

Her in-depth…

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Congratulations and welcome home, Vanessa and Kevin!

Vanessa and Kevin placed a lot of trust in Chris during their home search, which is not something he takes lightly.  After an initial Zoom meeting, he learned they were looking to relocate back to Nova Scotia.  To add to the pressure, they wanted to secure a house before they got here to see it in person!

The Covid years made sight-unseen offers a more common occurrence.  Video, 3D tours and FaceTime Virtual walk-throughs allow us to provide more information than ever before, but there’s nothing that replaces the feeling of walking around your potential new home in person.  Luckily for Chris, he and his clients were able to lean on some local family members for them to be the ears and eyes on…

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