New Condo Development Coming to the North End of Halifax

Gottingen Street is undergoing changes at a very rapid rate.  From our office location, there are two brand new developments in the works almost directly on either side.  We know this for a fact, because we've been dealing with dynamite going off on a regular basis as they blast for a parkade.  It is bone shaking, nerve rattling stuff!

The more attractive development in our opinion, comes in the form on Navy Lane condos.  This developer has clearly made an effort to blend in the the surroundings with a beautiful brick facade that offers a charasmatic nod to years gone by.  Last year, as the city was doing some road work, we caught a glimpse of the old cobblestones and steel tram rails,…

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Government provides update to foreign buyer ban. 

We were speaking with Steven Lewis from The Mortgage Centre this morning and he informed us the government is amending it's foreign buyer policy.  Now, if you have a valid work permit in place which has more than 183 days remaining, you are eligible to purchase a home in Canada.  We look into some of the other changes to the law below:

Purchasing for the Purpose of Re-Development

Non-Canadians looking to purchase a residential unit with the intent of redevelopment can now do so.  The redevelopment cannot be a renovations, but rather a project which substantially changes the use of the building. I.e from a duplex to an apartment building. 

Vacant Land Exempt

A Non-Canadian is now permitted to…

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The HaliPad Selling System

With Spring just around the corner, many people are considering preparations for selling their home in the coming months.  This year, we’ve completely revamped our Selling System for the benefit of our clients.  We had several meetings as a team to brainstorm every possible pain-point a Seller might face and then designed a system to alleviate as much frustration as possible.

I’ve already told you about HaliPad Concierge – our unique service that can help you locate the various services you might need when getting your home ready for sale.  We also take care of all the staging requirements and provide you with a complimentary cleaning service before you hit the market.

Once you are on the market, our suite of…

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