Since I began my career in real estate 10 years ago, I have always said people should interview more than one agent before selecting who should represent them to sell their home.  Selling a home is a huge decision and let’s be honest, it is also an expensive one.  It is important to know what you are paying for and what value you are receiving for your investment in a real estate agent.  Often, sellers do not interview more than one agent because they aren’t sure what questions to ask.  So I have compiled a list below that will help you make the best decision.

Remember, a listing presentation is a job interview.  You are selecting someone who is going to provide the best value and customer service, while also ensuring you get maximum exposure and results you need.

How did they determine the value of your house?

Real estate values are not pulled from a hat, or at least they shouldn’t be.  How much research has your Realtor done about the local market conditions?  What competition do you have in the area and what has recently sold or failed to sell?  Your Realtor should offer you a package outlining all of this information, so you can determine the most realistic price for your home.  Getting the price right from the beginning and listing your home at the correct time will make sure you maximize its potential value.

What marketing will they provide?

There’s no getting around it, selling a home is expensive.  You need to make sure you are getting the value you deserve for your investment.  A Realtor who puts a sign on the lawn and disappears for the remainder of the listing will cause you to feel you’ve have wasted your money.  A lawn sign is important, but it is the tip of the iceberg.  Find out what other ways they are marketing to drive traffic to their client platforms and to your home listing.  Choosing a Realtor who is invested in their business will substantially increase your chances of maximizing your home value.

What experience do they have and what is their track record?

First of all, there are some excellent new agents. Experience alone does not necessarily guarantee success.  However, having experience will often allow you to react to different circumstances more quickly and with more confidence.  An experienced agent will know how to handle aspects of an offer to maximize the strength of your position. It’ll also mean they can handle potential bumps along the road like home inspection deficiencies or financing hurdles.  Having someone you can trust and rely on to get the deal done will save you a massive amount of stress and worry.

Do they have a website and social media presence?

This is hugely important.  The majority of people start their search online and if you can’t be found, that is a problem.  Social media is an excellent tool in targeting the exact demographic for a home like yours.  You are able to target locations and age groups so we make sure we connect your home with the right section of the market.

Do they have a plan to make sure other Realtors are aware of your listing and its features?

This can be accomplished in several ways.  Whether by an in house office posting, a mass email to other Realtors or when its appropriate, agent open houses.  The biggest strength in hiring a Realtor is you are actually hiring hundreds.  We cooperate with each other and half of the commission you pay goes to the buyer’s agent.  Its your Realtors job to engage with their counterparts to make sure your home and its features are properly showcased.

Will they offer you staging advice?

Staging is incredibly important.  Taking the time to de-clutter, clean and position furniture in an attractive way can mean thousands more in your pocket.  Taking the time before you list to prepare a home for sale is an absolute must.  The proper preparation usually means a faster sale at a higher price and who doesn’t want that?  Make sure your Realtor is there to offer the impartial advice you need to turn your home into a “show home.”

Who will be taking photos and video?

In my opinion, it is not acceptable for a Realtor to be taking pictures of your home using a smart phone.  Yes, smart phone cameras have come a long way, but they do not replace the need for professional photography.  Your listing needs to be put on a pedestal and the quality of the pictures are going to have a massive effect on who comes through your front door.  Is your property unique?  Ask your Realtor if they use drone footage to capture your water frontage or acreage lot.  Is your home video worthy?  Buyers today demand more information that ever before and if you can showcase your home with a professional video, its one more reason for them to make the appointment to see it in person.

How will your Realtor communicate with you throughout the listing?

This to me is one of the most important aspects of any Realtor/client relationship.  When I work with a seller, I like to think of us as a team working towards a common goal.  This means that communication and collaboration is key to its success.  The more communication lines are open, the quicker we can adjust to changing market conditions or improve aspects of the listing to make it more attractive.  It will also ensure that we are fully prepared to take advantage of an opportunity when it arises.  Communication will make the entire process run more smoothly, from start to finish.

How will they make sure you remain competitive with the market and adjust as necessary?

Part of communication, how will you know how potential buyers are reacting to your home?  Your Realtor should be providing you feedback after showings to determine how the buyer is reacting to your property.  You’ll learn if there is something that needs to be improved or if it is perhaps too expensive in comparison to your competition.  The most important time in a listing is the first 30 days, the quicker you can adjust to feedback to ensure you are competitive, the better.

These are just a few examples of questions you could ask a Realtor when interviewing them to sell your home.  There are many more and the questions you ask should be focused around what is important to you and your personal goals.  Regardless of what you questions you ask, make sure you ask questions!

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