HaliPad Pick | Jan 16/23

Our HaliPad Pick today is a great semi-detached home in Governors Brook.  We like semi-detached homes because they offer many of the same features offered by detached homes at a more affordable price.  You don't need to sacrifice square footage and can still enjoy a backyard.  As well, this home has seen numerous upgrades from heat pumps and a propane fireplace to paint and custom blinds!

Governors Brook is home to lots of young families and you'll enjoy the abundant walking trails surrounding the Colpitt Lake wilderness area.  All this, a short distance to Halifax!

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HaliPad Pick | Jan 10/23

Our HaliPad Pick today is one of the last remaining suites on the harbour side at The Roy in Halifax.  The "True North" offers almost 1,400 square feet of living space with two bedrooms and an office/den, all of which offer a view of the Harbour. 

We love the modern finishing and attention to detail including, solid core doors, engineered hardwood, quartz counters, heated floors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows.  Also at The Roy, you have 10,000 square feet of amenities at your fingertips.  Enjoy a movie in the theatre or a game of billiards in the library. Make use of the fully equipped gym or yoga studio in the morning, before taking a swim in the heated pool or a few quiet moments in the sauna or steam room.  Plan a…

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HaliPad Pick | Jan 10/23

Our HaliPad Pick today is not new to market but it does have a new price!  That’s not the only thing special about it either. 

When you think condo, do you think about high rises devoid of character? If so, unit 3 at 1260 Queen Street will do a lot to change your perspective! Located in Historic Schmidtville, this 100 year old house conversion offers three units, each full of charm and character.  This unit - the penthouse - showcases a gorgeous conservatory where you can enjoy all day sun and views of the garden.  The light washes over the living space and kitchen with its beautiful exposed brick wall. A true escape while you are still in walking distance to the exciting hustle and bustle of the city!

This is what Halifax is…

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HRM Real Estate Year in Review | Fear and Volatility

The real estate market in 2022 was volatile. A cataclysmically low number of homes for sale in January caused real estate values to skyrocket.  It was almost impossible to determine what a house would sell for. A house may have sold a week or two ago, but then a similar house in the same area a week or two later may have fetched an additional 40-50K. You were competing against 15-20 other people and bids were inflated to ridiculous levels. In many cases, offers were also being submitted without conditions to protect the buyer.  It was a nightmare and one I am glad to say is over.

During the insanity, the bank of Canada decided to get involved to calm things down (while the media simultaneously…

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HaliPad Pick | Jan 5/23

Our HaliPad Pick today is a 5 year young semi-detached home in popular, family-friendly West Bedford.  We love the modern finishing and square footage at a price point which makes it feasible for young families. No need to sacrifice living space and with far less maintenance than an older home. 

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Non-Resident Tax to Greatly Increase Homeownership Costs in Nova Scotia

We were informed this afternoon in a news release from the Nova Scotia Assocation of Realtors regarding the new tax rules that will significantly increase costs for home buyers who are not residents of Nova Scotia. 

The directly quoted news release from NSAR is included below:


"Budget 2022/2023 – New taxes that impact your clients

This afternoon the Provincial Government released a budget that included newly created Deed Transfer Taxes and increased Property Taxes for out-of-province buyers and owners. NSAR has continually expressed concerns that the increased taxes will have unintended and negative consequences on Nova Scotia’s economy, tripling owners' taxes and…

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Are we adding gasoline to a real estate market already on fire?

Buyer fatigue is fast becoming a reality and who can blame them?  Countless offers written over several days or weeks, often in competition with dozens of people vying for the same property.  Multiple failures and a lack of hope.  The average sale price of a home skyrocketed in January and increased again in February, but ironically, the average list price of a home went down in that same period.

Sellers, probably guided by their Realtors, are choosing to list far below market value to create feeding frenzies. This is why homes are now selling at an average of 122% of the list price.  In this model, the goal is to have as many showings as possible over several days before the Seller…

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What the hell was that and can you please make it stop?

2021 was breathless from the outset. It seemed that overnight, people’s patience snapped and an overwhelming urgency took hold.  Competition exploded and the lid flew off offer prices like a cat flies off a cucumber. While the penny dropped quickly, it was a problem that had been building for months. For some shocking perspective, look at the number of homes for sale in the Halifax Regional Municipality over the past four years:

  •        December 2018 | 2,055
  •        December 2019 | 1,298
  •        December 2020 | 626
  •        December 2021 | 214

This represents an inventory decrease on a scale larger than a blue whale. That’s big. What’s more, the number of sales has…

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2nd Quarter Market Update | A Price Plateau

Before I tell you why we are having a difficult time explaining the numbers, we’ve got to talk about the numbers. Average price in the second quarter only went up by 0.8% in comparison to 12% in the previous one. Total sales in the 2nd quarter were 1,960 in comparison to 1,466 in 2020.  In the past year, the average price increased by 32% driven by low supply and high demand.  However, back in 2020 we had more than double the inventory – 1,079 homes for sale versus 470 in 2021.  So why has the average price plateaued?

Making Sense of the Numbers

Based on the numbers alone, there is absolutely no reason why the average price is not continuing to increase.  Market value is based on supply and demand. We…

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